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Design Consultation
A personalized inspiration session

For larger projects, design, or maintenance an initial consultation allows us to see where your inspiration and our design overlap. Consider this a first date to get to know each other!


Planting and Delivery
For those easy one-time projects

Just need something dropped off? Love caring for your garden, but need an extra hand with planting? We can help!


Design Focused Maintenance
Indulge your garden

Gardens aren’t static, and neither is your garden design. Many clients chose this bi-weekly or monthly splurge for their plants… ongoing maintenance keeps your garden looking fantastic!


About Tyson

Tyson was born and raised in the mountains of Big Sur, which reflect his bold and decisive design style. After graduating Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Industrial Technology, he elected to travel the world, and during these travels was absolutely floored by the flora of other continents. In 2016 Tyson moved to San Francisco, allowing him to pursue a career in botanic design after landing a position at the prestigious Flora Grubb Gardens, where he still works today.

Tyson’s inspirations are the deserts he visited in Bolivia or Namibia, his time hitchhiking the Australian outback and the lush tropics from his trips to Madagascar or Venezuela. This juxtaposition of arid and verdant inspired him to start the company…

Terracotta Tropic.